Friday, June 29, 2012

Puisi Yang Tidak Akan Terbaca

Melihatnya aku ke sana,
Menjelang matahari memancar sinarnya
Sang Angin datang membawa khabar,
Khabarnya nostalgia dari utara.

Pernah aku kerinduan padamu,
Namun tetap kamu pergi,
Terpisah aku dari kamu buat selamanya,
Hanya sekarang bisa aku mengungkap
sebuah puisi.

Tetap aku berjalan lagi,
Terpeluk erat oleh bayanganmu,
Berat tertekannya pada hatiku,
Aku pasrah dan tidak bisa berkata-kata

Apakah ini nasibku karena terlalu daif,
Apakah aku ini kepada kamu,
Cuman seorang anak desa yang penuh
Kerinduan yang tidak pernah mati.

Diungkapkan dalam sebuah puisi yang tidak
akan terbaca.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Years That Passed

Someone dear to me once asked me,tell me a story about your life before you came to indonesia.I said,well i don't know where to end nor know where to start.Every year past by with memories etched into my head.I have never thought life would be a roller coster ride after the events of 2010.Yet i had a feeling that it would though i was always brushed it off and assumed everything was going to be great and smooth going.

I was born to a middle class family.We have almost anything in our family except the love for each other.At times,we tend to be calculative and materialistic when it comes to make a decision for the family.The age gap between me and my siblings is so wide.That i feel we grow in two different worlds.Well i can't put the blame there as my sister who is the third sibling is 13 years my senior.Thus i kind of grew up along with the kids around the neighbourhood.We had a lot of fun back then.

As time goes by,i grew up.I started attending school.I was the first in my family to enrol in a pure government school.Well it was a great experience.It developed into what i am today.School days were fun.We were innocent,happy and weren't afraid of anything.We weren't afraid of anyone nor anything,teachers,dangers and etc.We were just crazy dare devils.Yet we were afraid of our parent since they are the one controlling our finances.

As time passed,i moved on to secindary school.There began another phase in my life.We became even more crazy.Well this is another by product of studying in a boy's school.We had a lot adventures back then.Carzy adventures,great trips and stupid pranks.The alcohol,ciggarettes and the girls were all part of our life then.No matter how hard we try to fool around,we never fooled with our studies.As a matter of fact,most of my classmates are doing quite well as we speak.Most of them are pursuing a profesional course somewhere and you may never know that the guy you are sitting next to was a big time rascal back at school.

Time passed so fast,though back then it was like taking forever to past a day.After completing National Service,i obtained my SPM results.Later that year in 2008 i continue my studies into Form 6.Another defining moment again for me.Learned alot about hard work and love.Especially on the part how they sting you.I didn't really had much fun then.Was so stress with school that time and i almost quit Form 6 to pursue another course.Well i continued to linger on,and God's grace shined upon me.With the results i have obtained i was able to pursue my degree.

All things changed after i got my STPM results.The year of 2010,was a year of turmoil and i barely survive the depression.Imagine yourself going through two episodes of depression in a year.Not a fun thing at all.After going through it.Have i know now to humble myself.Love the people around me,appreciate my family and friends and myself.From that time on,i told myself that shall never another soul experience what i go through.

The times that passed showed me alot.Opened my eyes too in the process.Like they say,maybe this is god's way of teaching you.A lesson learned yet much to unravel in the future.

Friends always be grateful of what life has offered you today.Today,tomorrow,yesterday is a blessing from the Almighty.I pray every day.I hope my prayers will be answered one day.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Elusive Love

Elusive yet beautiful,

They call her an elusive beauty,

Love is it her name,

Powerful and potent she is.

Her power to create life,

Sow destruction from her breath,

Capable of things of many wonders,

For so that is love.

Sometimes love is not enough,

Reinforce with understanding

and patience,

Then will it blossom,

A flower of radiance.

I once believe in her,

In a time not long ago,

Elusive Love oh Elusive Love,,

Do i now or will i ever again believe?


Yesterday we were laughing,

Today i am shunned,

What was not done to you,

It was like done to you.

You say i can't be forgiven,

You say i can't learned,

You say i don't deserve good,

You say i don't have it.

When i look back i see memories,

Of laughter and joy,

When i open my eyes now,

Of tears sometimes emotions pour.

For once i don't feel like returning,

For once i lost my hope,

For once i can't see anything,

For once i say no.

Questions at times i can't answer,

Answers that take a lifetime to tell,

A tale never ends and winding,

Questions that keep ringing.

Maybe to never be known,

Maybe to never be heard,

Thus said is like dust,

Blown easily after dusted.

The four corners keeps me in,

At times so dark and cold,

The warmth i see outside,

At times the only respite i have.

At this land now i walk,

Away and further i move,

May the mountains and seas hide it,

For now i only wish to be away.

With A Pen

With a pen on my right,

Much have i wrote,

Stories of past and present,

Of the sun and rain.

Assorted tales of my past,

Of this life i cherish,

Some stories i can never erase,

Inked to a chapter.

When stories read again,

Memories flows like ink from

my pen,

Some chapters are best left

on the shelf,

While some read with fondness.

The permanent stain it holds,

Etches a lifetime of tales,

Bit by bit i pen down my life,

Upon a piece of paper called


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Dream

Drip by drip tears fell,

From above to touch my head,

Reminds me of the moments,

Me and you were one.

Like rowing a boat in a storm,

To challenge the waves,

To overcome them,

Like hell it felt.

The sun shine on my face,

Found myself on an island,

Distant yet tranquil,

Sand of white and skies of blue.

If you were ever here,

Like how it was in my dream,

Maybe i dreamt too much,

So they say it was a dream.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Success and Failure

"My greatest success was also my greatest failure and i am despised for being truthful to my feelings and thoughts".-Eddy Sanjana